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CLASSES - Chrystal Lee School of Dance

At Chrystal Lee School of Dance, there are a variety of classes to choose from for ages 18months - Adults.
CSTD JAZZ & TAP Examinations, LIVING DANCE INTERNATIONAL BALLET Examinations from Pre Primary Level +. Fun &
 fitness classes for Adults.


CLASSES ON OFFER (descriptions below):

-Special Needs Hip Hop Dance Program (Rhythm Works Integrative Dance)
- Baby Boppers Dance Group
- Jazz
- Acrobabtic Dance
- Contemporary
- Tiny Tots Acro from 2.5 years
- Adult Jazz & Contemporary
- Classical Ballet
- Adult Ballet
- Tap

- Adult Beginner Tap
- Tiny Tots Tap & Song from 2.5 years
- Hip Hop
- Musical Theatre

- Tiny Tots from 18 months
- Tiny Tots from 2.5 years
- Tiny Tots from 3.5 years

See class descriptions below, and to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me;

My First Dance Class (18months-2.5years)

In My First Dance Class, the children will be provided with learning activities with the use of music, props and creative stories.

These classes are all about learning motor skills, balance, co-ordination, listening and opening up the creative/imaginative mind. It also provides the students with skills such as sharing, participating, confidence, and taking instruction from someone other than their parent/guardian, helping prepare them for future group activities and school.

One Parent/Guardian/Grandparent etc is welcome to be present in the classroom and help the child participate. By the end of Term 2, the students are normally comfortable to let their caregiver wait outside and participate in the lesson with just the teacher in the room, but there's no pressure.

I have had great success in Tiny Tot classes in the past, proving that these classes are of great benefit to the young child. These classes are for anyone! Boys or Girls! The students just love the interactive games and stories which they get move, play, learn and dream.

It is a great way to help get those tiny dancers moving and opening their beautiful minds, allowing them to be creative and get involved. 

Creative Movement & Dance (2.5 years-3.5 years) 

An interactive class to provide the students with a fun learning, caring, environment. Creative Movement & Dance is similar to the My First Dance Class, however in this class, the children will start learning Basic Ballet steps and terminology. The children will also start putting together dance combinations throughout the year using the steps that they have learnt. Learning games and improvisation exercises are very popular with this age group.

Creative Pre Primary (3.5 years-Kindy)

This class is for students who have already completed one year of Creative Movement, or are 3.5 years or older in January. In this class, we start implementing a bit more structure, and some Ballet & Jazz exercises & combinations which will become routine. At this age, we ensure that the classes are still playful, and exciting, with the use of props and creative stories, however the students will start learning more dance steps, terminology and technique (in a fun way).


The is also the “completely optional” opportunity for this age group to enter in Creative Pre-Primary Ballet exams. The exams that CLSOD offer are very inviting and stress free.


Tiny Tots Tap & Song (2.5years-Kindy) 

Tiny Tots Tap & Song is an introduction to music, timing and dance.
In this class, the students will become familiar with different Tap steps and terminology, with be able to count in sequences, learn musicality, including rhythm and timing and will have a blast making noise with their tiny tap shoes, and singing out loud. 

Using age appropriate songs, tap steps, words and actions will be strung together to create sequences, activities and games and dances.

This class is also a good introduction to Musical Theatre which is an important genre in dance these days, as it helps create a well rounded, confident performer. The kids will love this outgoing, upbeat class.

This class is a good class to take on it’s own, or in combination with My First Dance Class & Creative Movement.


Classical Ballet (with added Lyrical component) - Teaching Living Dance International Syllabus

Ballet is a great sport to participate in as it has so many benefits. In Ballet class the Students learn about their bodies, how to hold themselves resulting in good posture and body awareness, The Students are taught manners, discipline and respect, in a very friendly and enjoyable setting.

Ballet is an important genre in our industry as in this class the Students learn the above, and gain basic dance knowledge required in other dance genres. Ballet is a great foundation to other dance styles, and important for those wanting to be a well rounded dancer.

In our ballet classes we have a lyrical component, which gives the Student's the opportunity to find their individuality and ability to express emotion through dance. This element of our class we find very important.

We Teach levels Pre Primary all the way to Advanced Ballet and Pointe Work.


Tap  - Teaching C.S.T.D Tap Syllabus

An energetic, fun class, where shoes are used to make percussion,.

We use a variety of appropriate, upbeat music, while learning musicality and co-ordination. Student's will also build muscle and ankle strength.

In the younger age groups, the students start understanding body placement & alignment, and are becoming aware of their peers around them, learning spacing and direction. These things are a strong focus point in all genres in the Primary & Junior age groups, to different degrees.

Dance learning games are often used to teach timing and for some extra fun. The students will enjoy learning Tap in a happy, safe, environment.


Jazz - Teaching C.S.T.D Modern Jazz Syllabus

Jazz is a popular dance genre, which is very musical and enjoyable. It is a high energy class that uses energetic movements and popular up-beat music, creating a fun, positive atmosphere. In this class the students learn about warming up, stretching and cool down (safe dance), are taught the basics-intermediate steps and terminology of Jazz including correct body placement.. It is most important to learn correctly to ensure safe dance, so what better time to start now in the beginner-intermediate levels.

In this class, along with a fun warm up, corner exercises and combinations, we learn exercises and dances from a syllabus to maintain a level which is taught to these ages groups across the board, and create a fun dances throughout the year.

Solo lessons and Eisteddfods are offered for Primary & Junior students.  

Contemporary (Minimum Grade 2 Ballet)

Contemporary is an expressive, versatile style that combines the elements of Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet. It was originated in the mid 20th century, and in the modern day has become a popular dance genre. 

Involved is a lot of floor work and strong, reasonably demanding movements, using the whole body and mind. 

In the Junior Jazz class, contemporary is taught as a component of this genre. Students will learn the importance of safe dance and technique, and be taught to perform ballet and jazz moves used in this class correctly before putting them into sequences. They will become aware of their bodies and mind, space and time, posture, balance and core.

 Solo lessons and Eisteddfods are offered for Junior students.

Beginners - Intermediate, ADULT DANCE CLASSES are for everyone!! (Get fit while having fun!)

Adults Jazz & Contemporary, Adult Tap & Adult Ballet (18years+)

These classes are worry free, social, enjoyable classes aimed for fitness and FUN!!! The classes will be based on an assessment of everyone's ability at the first lesson, then will provide lessons and choreography based on that level.

Dancing to a range of music, and learning many fun steps, combinations and dances, these classes are full of variety, in a friendly atmosphere, where you can’t help fun have fun, meet new people and get fit at the same time.